Getting Started

Create an Account

To register for an EC3 account, go to and enter the requested information, making sure to accept the Beta User Agreement and Privacy Notice.

Account Tiers

EC3 is primarily for professional business use. Users who specify their Employer and Profession will be granted a Professional account. Those who do not, or who register with a personal email address (e.g., Gmail or Hotmail) will only have a Private account with some features (including sharing features) disabled to protect privacy.

Where to fill out Employer and Profession

Log In

Once a user has registered for an account, an activation email will be sent to the registered email address.

No confirmation email? Our confirmation emails come from an automated system that sometimes ends up Spam folders. If it's not there, check with your IT department and make sure the following address is whitelisted:

Once activated, users may log in to the tool at

Building Transparency will never ask for your username and password by email or phone. Please report any emails that do so, it may be a phishing attack.

Connect accounts

After creating an EC3 account, users may link their EC3 account to other platforms such as Amazon, Microsoft, or Google, and use their credentials for those platforms to log in to EC3.

General Navigation

Once logged in to EC3, users will see the following welcome screen below with the various identified elements. It is intended for EC3 to be an intuitive user interface and users are encouraged to explore the tool’s functionality. To provide in-tool direction, tooltips will appear as users hover their cursor over a given field.

Getting Help

Tool Tips

Most icons, fields and functions in EC3 are documented with a tooltip. Hover your mouse over a field for guidance on the meaning, format, and usage of the field.


Many parts of EC3 have tours, either in the form of a walkthrough or an annotated screenshot, which introduce a screen or diagram. The tour will animate until you click on it for the first time.

FAQ and Glossary

A Glossary, list of Frequently Asked Questions, and API documentation are accessible from the settings menu (gear icon) in the top-right corner of the EC3 page.

Report Bugs & Feedback

To submit suggestions, comments, or questions, please use the Report Bugs & Feedback button located at the bottom right of EC3.

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