Uncertainty & Statistics

EC3 exists to help the construction industry reduce the climate impact of its work.

The first step is transparency about the carbon footprint of construction materials. In part, EC3 does this by digitizing print EPDs and publishing them in an openly accessible, free platform. But EC3 also does a great deal of math to assist users in navigating the complexity of the available data, and using it to drive emissions down and transparency up. The following documentation discloses EC3’s methods which go beyond simply providing of 3rd party verified EPDs in a digital format.

You can give us feedback or contribute data by using the Report Bugs and Feedback button inside EC3, by emailing us at contactus@buildingtransparency.org, or by using the contact form.

Uncertainty and Specificity

Uncertainty exists in all scientific endeavors. EC3 is somewhat unusual among LCA tools in showing the uncertainty bounds and building it into our tools for comparison.

General uncertainty methodology

Category-specific uncertainty reports

  • Steel (in progress)

  • Resilient flooring (in progress)

  • PVC & KEE membrane roofing (in progress)

  • Data cabling (in progress)

  • Asphalt (initiated data collection - please reach out if you want to contribute)

  • Wood (in progress)

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