Release Notes

We update EC3 every two weeks with bug fixes, new features, and improved performance. Here are some of the most important changes.

2024-01-08 (148)

  • Bill of Quantities table in the Project Planner now has selectable columns, allowing users to adjust the information and results they see

  • Added "Undo" button to Project Planner

  • Added new API resource at /categories/public to get a full tree of categories as seen by the private user (no access to draft or pilot categories). Fully cached endpoint, refreshed daily.

  • Added new API resource detailing plants in EC3 with their geographical locations: /materials/plants/public. It will be used by the public plant map on website.

  • Added set of API endpoints to support EPD Corrections mechanism to capture suggested changes in EPDs to be submitted for approval.

2023-12-11 (147)

  • Internal changes to single sign-on, FEMA filters, etc.

  • New internal API endpoint GET/materials/plants. With it, API clients can search for plants by providing a material filter, providing a list of plants producing materials matching specifications.

  • Added math operator to the search field for the number of window panes in an IGU


  • Added calculator for Metal Deck in Project Planner - aids estimating of mass of metal decking based on standard deck profiles

  • Added reference values for industry-averages listed in the 2023 CLF North American Material Baselines Report


  • Added Rollup Reports to Plan & Compare Buildings - allows export of Excel reports for multiple projects at once

  • Added EPD source type tags to EPDs

  • Added maps to Find & Compare Materials - shows locations of plants with EPDs

  • Improved caching - improves tool performance, speeds up loading of page content


  • Tiling category released to public (thanks to partnership with TCNA)

  • Added Rollup charts to Plan & Compare Buildings - allows visual analysis of multiple projets at once

  • FAQ moved from EC3 to Gitbook - one central place for all FAQ, easier to maintain & update

  • Bug fix for duplicating elements in Project Planner


  • Added calculators to Project Planner, including Concrete by Volume, Concrete by Area, Rebar by Concrete Volume, Rebar by Length, Metal Stud by Spacing - aids in estimating quantities of materials in units compatible with EPDs

  • Added filter for FEMA compliance to select product categories

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