📝EC3 Updates - April 2024

Manufacturers and Verifiers Suggest Corrections to EPDs

Pilot users who notice missing or incorrect information related to their EPDs (as Manufacturer or Verifier) can now suggest corrections by directly editing a draft copy of the EPD.

Changes can be previewed, reverted if needed, and saved for approval. Once submitted for approval, Program Operator staff can review and accept the suggestions; EC3 staff can accept suggested corrections to the digitization.

Program Operators Approve Corrections to EPDs

Program operators, who can edit EPDs, can now also review and approve suggestions for those EPDs (if they are also Pilot users).

Suggested corrections will be visible against EPDs when you view product EPDs through “Manage Data”. We have made it easy for users to view these suggestions, review them, and either merge or reject the suggestions.

In an upcoming release, we will add a list of reviewable suggestions under My EPDs.

Add an EPD directly to your Building Project

We’ve made it easier for Pilot users to add materials to their building projects by finding the EPD.

When you find an EPD through “Find and Compare Materials” or by opening the EPD, you will see an icon that lets you add the EPD to one of your building projects.

From there, you can select the building and a subassembly where you want to add the EPD. A default Collection will be created with the correct category; to get realistic Achievable and Conservative, you should refine the search.

Elevators are public in EC3

The Elevator category has been released publicly. It covers passenger and freight elevators used in buildings. Special thanks to TK Elevators for technical and financial assistance.

A5 Emissions in Sankey and Treemap Charts

We’ve included A5 (construction) in the Sankey and Treemap charts.

You can now view the emissions from energies and fuels used during building construction broken down by construction activities.

You can use the checkbox against A5 to hide data from the visualization.

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