📝EC3 Updates - 22nd May 2024

View building and matching plants on Google Maps

In the building planner, when searching for an EPD collection, you can view your building and matching plants on a map. Click on ‘Maps’ under ‘Geographic’ section to view building and matching plants on a map.

Optionally, you can include nearby plants with no EPDs that match your search; they may be able to make a low-carbon material for you.

Buy Clean Colorado Policy compliance

We have implemented ‘BCCO 2024: OSA Asphalt’ in our ‘Compliance’ filters for Asphalt. The Buy Clean Colorado (BCCO) Act applies to State public projects for which the project cost exceeds $500K and for which an agency of government issues a solicitation on or after January 1, 2024.

Move Projects button

The Move button makes it easier to organize building projects, particularly if you have many folders. Select the building(s) using the checkboxes on the left. New buttons appear above the building list. Click on ‘Move Projects’. Choose a folder (your own or a shared folder you can Write to) and click ‘Move Here’. All selected projects will move.

Be aware that this DOES change who can view and edit the project, based on the permissions of the destination folder.

Show/Hide columns in Building Planner

EC3 returns a lot of data. We present the most commonly used fields by default. The custom column option allows you to customize the data you see. Click on the table icon on the right side of a project material list view and select the columns you want to display.

EPD Suggestions: new list view

EPD suggestions you have created are now listed under ‘My EPDs’.

Program Operator users with access to review and approve suggestions can filter under the ‘Editable’ tab by ‘With Corrections’ to find EPDs with suggested corrections.

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