Using Specification Filters

It's important to find & compare products that are of similar quality and fulfill similar jobs. Here is how to use the performance specification page to do that.

Math operators

You can adjust the math operators inside the fields to modify the search algorithm to include results with exact, approximate, below, and above the specified value.

Options lists

You can search for products that have a specific characteristic by including or excluding products with that characteristic from the search.

  • Include products with a specific property by clicking the property 1x (see Property - Yes)

  • Exclude products with a specific property by clicking the property 2x (see Property - No)

Individual EPDs must have the properties that are relevant to them filled out on their EPD pages. If an EPD is missing a property that it should have, it won't show up in user searches that make that property part of the search. Because EC3 sometimes lists properties that are useful or critical for comparisons, but not all EPDs report those properties, you may not get the results you wanted or anticipated.

We encourage manufacturers with EPDs in EC3 to add these properties, and all users to submit Report Bugs & Feedback about missing properties so that the Building Transparency team can add those properties and make the search more useful.

Removing filters

You can remove filters, even the default filters, by clicking the red X button inside the search chip.

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