Release Notes

Feature Summary: v0.51 to v1.2

  • Support for Revit 2024.

  • Improved handling of large buildings.

  • Greatly improved material recognition.

  • Support for Linked Models

  • Improved handling of the Curtain Walls.

  • Partial support for the Generic Models.

  • When a Revit project is exported to EC3, two EC3 views are created: the Revit view with restricted view organization capabilities and the Custom view which allows to freely re-organize elements.

  • Improved support for back-annotating sub-components of a family Type

  • Whenever a builder dialog is opened, the corresponding elements are highlighted in the Revit view.

  • A new screen to iterate through each family type and sort out its layers.

  • tallyCAT Library with the ability to save, restore and update Revit Family Types

  • Scan for Updates in the tallyCAT Library.

  • Connection of external libraries in the tallyCAT Library

  • The support of assembly properties in the tallyCAT Library

  • The support of the new formulas and mini-builders during the EC3 export and in the tallyCAT Library.

  • An opportunity to select or create custom EC3 folder during the export.

  • The option to disable auto-detection of Revit materials. This is useful if the recognition is performing poorly (e.g., for non-English designs).

  • Improved handling of long project and element names during the export to EC3.

  • Error reports during the export to EC3 and tallyCAT Library operations.

  • The Help menu item to show these Release Notes.

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