Linked Models

Exporting linked models

Large projects often consist of multiple linked Revit files. You may want to export all linked files with a single click of a button, but unfortunately, that is not possible at this time. The reason is that tallyCAT appends additional information to the Revit file you are working in and therefore needs edit access to the elements, which is not possible without opening the file in which all of the elements are actually placed.

You will need to open each linked file to be able to export and work on it using tallyCAT. Follow the same process for each linked file as in the single-file approach.

  1. Open the linked file

  2. Create a tallyCAT view

    1. You should now see all of the elements that you would be able to see in the other file that simply linked this one in.

  3. Export the linked file to EC3

    1. This will create a new EC3 project specifically for this linked file.

You can now refine and edit the linked file. Note that you will always need to work directly inside the linked file if there are any changes that need to be re-sync.

Combining linked models

Once you export each linked model

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