Download the Plugin

Tally Climate Action Tool (tallyCAT) is delivered as an msi installer for Windows.

It comes in two versions:

Only one of them could be installed on your PC at a time. In terms of functionality, the only difference between them is the About window and the source of update. Also, Tally Climate Action Tool (tallyCAT) always installs on the per-machine basis while Tally Climate Action Tool (tallyCAT) Community Edition allows you to choose the installation scope.

If you right-click the MSI installer of either plugin version and view its properties, you may find the version number in the Details > Subject field.

Close Revit before installing

Please make sure that the Autodesk Revit application is not running while you are installing the plugin!

Install the plugin

Open the .msi file to start installation.

The installation currently offers Revit 2025, Revit 2024, Revit 2023, Revit 2022, Revit 2021 versions of the plugin; choose the version of Revit you are using.

The installer is signed, and the plugin is compatible with Autodesk Store Bundle format, so Windows shouldn’t display any warnings during the installation process or when Revit starts.

Uninstalling the Plugin: Tally Climate Action Tool (tallyCAT) will appear in the Windows Apps & features (Installed apps) screen, where you can uninstall it like any other application.

For documentation on exactly what the installer does see Appendix 1: Installer.

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