Current Project

The Current Project tab lists all family types existing in the current Revit project.

Category, Family and Type columns display the corresponding Revit information.

The Document column is only displayed when the current Revit document has linked models and displays the name of the main or linked document where the selected family type belongs to.

The Revit Version column shows off the Revit document version.

Loadable shows whether a family is loadable or not (system).

If elements of a family type were already exported to the EC3, the corresponding back annotations will be added to the family type. The EC3 column shows whether these annotations are present. If that’s the case, the Unit column will display the quantity unit assigned to the family type on the EC3, and GWP Achievable and GWP Conservative columns will show off the approximate GWP values for 1 unit of this family type (calculated using the Revit material data and the EC3 material statistics).

Upon clicking a particular row in the data grid, you’ll be able to see more detailed information about the corresponding family type in the right pane. It includes a preview image, Category, Family, Type and GWP data. Also, the Annotation text box displays the list of materials or material layers of the family types together with EC3 material search information.

Clicking the View All link opens the EC3 Properties Viewer which shows the complete EC3 back annotation in JSON format.

Clicking the small magnifying glass icon in a column header brings up the filter, where you can configure elements visibility in the data grid. More than one filter could be applied.

The toolbar above the data grid hosts a number of buttons which allow you to perform various actions on project family types. Most of them become enabled when data grid items are checked using the checkboxes in the first column.

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