Save As...

The Save As… button becomes available when one or more items are checked using the checkboxes. Allows to save checked family types to files.

  • The loadable family types (Doors, Windows, Columns, etc.) are saved to the RFA format, one family type per file.

  • The system family types (Walls, Ceilings, Floors, etc.) are saved to the RVT format, one family type per file.

Here’s an example of using this function. Let’s assume that the following family types are checked.

Clicking the Save As button will produce the destination folder selection dialog.

After picking a folder and clicking the Select Folder button, the export process will start.

Upon its completion, the summary dialog will appear.

The destination folder with the exported items will be automatically shown in the Windows Explorer.

For each Wall family type a separate RVT file was created even though they all belong to the same Basic Wall family. In a similar way, each loadable family type was exported into an individual RFA file, even if originally a few of them belonged to the same family. As in the case of RFA files the file name corresponds to the family name, tallyCAT has put all RFA files into dedicated folders to not create naming conflicts.

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