Scan for Updates

The Scan for Updates function allows to check all family types in a Revit project and its linked documents for their updated versions in all connected libraries. It doesn't depend on the selection in the Library Browser, all existing family types are checked.

When looking for an update for a particular Revit project family type, tallyCAT will check if an element with the same Revit category, family name and type name exists within the library and its last updated date is later than the one of the project family type. If such element is found, it is considered to be an update.

If no update is found, the corresponding message will be shown.

If updates were found, the comparison window will appear.

In the upper part of the window, under the Project Family Types title you will see the list of family types both from the current Revit project and its linked models for which the updates were found. By checking the checkboxes, you may select them for update.

The orange question mark in a family type row means that this family type has more than one matching update in the library, so the user has to pick one in the lower portion of the window, under the Library Family Types section. Once the family type update is selected, the question mark will go away.

You can compare the family type properties by reviewing both tables and the details pane on the right. To compare the EC3 back annotation JSONs, you may click the Compare button.

This will bring up the EC3 back annotation comparison window.

No orange question mark in a project family type row means that either there's only one matching update in the library, or the update was already selected by the user.

If you select the row with the orange question mark for update without explicitly selecting an update from the available updates list, tallyCAT will automatically choose the first option.

After clicking the Update X Family Types button, the confirmation screen will appear where you could verify your selections.

After clicking the Confirm button the updates will be applied to the project. If some of the family types being updated are located in linked models, additional prompt will be displayed.

Updating family types could take some time, especially if they're located in linked models. Once the process is completed, you can view the updated family types in the Current Project tab.

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