Add Files to Library

Add Files to Library

The Add Files to Library button allows you to import family types from RFA or RVT files to the library.

Concerning the RVT format, please note that only RVT files prepared by the tallyCAT Library Browser are supported. Any RFA file could be imported to the library, it simply won’t contain the EC3 back annotations if it wasn’t prepared by the tallyCAT.

After clicking the target library selector window will open.

After selecting the target library and clicking the Add Family Types to Library button, the open file dialog will appear allowing you to select RFA/RVT files.

After clicking the Open button the chosen family types will appear in the library.

In the background, the tallyCAT Library Indexer application will copy chosen files to the corresponding library folder and index them. From there on, the library will work with the copies of added files, so the originals will be left intact as long as they’re not located in the library folder.

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