Add to Project

The Add to Project button becomes available when one or more items are checked using the checkboxes.

Allows to add the checked family types to the current Revit project. They will be added together with their corresponding EC3 back annotations, that will be used to restore the EC3 collections, builders and EC3-specific material layers during the next EC3 export.

  • The loadable family types (Doors, Windows, Columns, etc.) are added to the Revit project together with their whole family. Even if you check only a single family type from a family containing multiple types, the complete family will be imported to the project anyway.

  • The system family types (Walls, Ceilings, Floors, etc.) are added to the Revit project as separate entities, without importing their whole library.

After the family types are added to the project, they instantly become visible in the Current Project tab.

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