Transfer Material Information

In order to be able to transfer material information across projects, you need to have a source project with already defined materials.

1. Add Families to Library

Open the source project with defined material assignments and then open the tallyCAT Library.

Select the families that you want to transfer to another project.

Click 'Add to Library', then select the library you want to add the families to, and click the 'Add Family Types to Library' button.

This places all of the selected families in a library that can be used to populate other projects.

2. Open target project

Now open the project where you want to apply the saved material definitions and open the tallyCAT Library again.

3. Scan for updates

This time, click the 'Scan for Updates' button to check if there are any families in any of our tallyCAT libraries that have a matching name with families in the opened model.

4. Select and map families

Check and confirm the transfer of information in the next window. The information is now transferred from the library into the active project.

The next time you open and sync the project with EC3, you will be able to see all of the transfered definitions in EC3 as well.

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