Detach from EC3

After successfully exporting a Revit project to EC3, all the following uses of Synchronize with EC3 or Manage scope commands will result in updating the existing EC3 building project.

If you need to create a new EC3 building project from the current Revit project with no information about previous update history, you’ll need to use the Detach from EC3 command.

This will break the connection between the current Revit project and related EC3 building project without deleting the latter, and you’ll be able to export the Revit project to a brand new EC3 building project.

After clicking the Detach from EC3 command, you’ll see the following prompt.

After choosing Yes the link will be broken and the tallyCAT menu will revert to the default state. The next export will create a new EC3 building project with the version number 1.

When detaching a Revit project from EC3, Tally Climate Action Tool (tallyCAT) removes data from the Revit model (in extensible storage) linking it to its former EC3 building project, information about material categories & specs, and basic climate change data. Thus, after the detaching finishes, it will prompt you either to save the Revit project (if it doesn’t have a central model) or to synchronize it with the central model.

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