EC3 Project Sync Example

Let’s see an example of the project update sequence to see how it works.

First, let’s export one of the sample Revit projects GSA Courthouse.rvt

The project units in the Manage > Project Units dialog are set as follows.

Let’s click tallyCAT > Manage scope and perform a new export with Export by Family Type detail.

After the export finishes, the Roofs category of the corresponding EC3 building project will look as follows.

Let’s focus on it and slightly adjust the Basic Roof: Insulation on Metal Deck - EPDM element.

Let’s refine the material of Metal - Deck element:

  • Change the name to Metal - Structural Deck

  • Click the Refine button and change the material to Steel > Structural Steel

  • Change the quantity formula to 0.125*10 (~1.3) and the unit to lb

  • Change the note to ‘Updated by John

Now, let’s add a new material Aluminium Sheet to the Basic Roof: Insulation on Metal Deck - EPDM element:

  • Name: Aluminium Sheet

  • Quantity: 10.5 lbs

  • Collection: AluminiumSiding

And, finally, let’s add another building element Panel Roof under the Roofs category:

  • Name: Panel Roof

  • Quantity: 2900 m2

  • Collection: RoofPanels

Please note, that these two items didn’t previously exist in the Revit project.

Now let’s save the EC3 building project and switch back to the corresponding Revit project to make some adjustments as well.

In the Revit project, let’s double the quantity of Basic Roof: Insulation on Metal Deck - EPDM we just edited on the EC3 side.

Go to Project Browser > Families > Roofs > Basic Roof, right click the Insulation on Metal Deck - EPDM element and choose Select All Instances > Visible in View.

Then just copy and paste the selection anywhere in the project to double the quantity of this roof.

Then go to Project Browser > Families > Roofs > Basic Roof, right click the Insulation on Metal Deck - EPDM element, and choose Type Properties.

Go to Structure > Edit… and make the following changes:

Also, go to Project Browser > Families > Roofs > Basic Roof, right-click the Generic - 18’’ element, choose Create Instance from the menu and draw a roof.

Select the roof you just created, click Edit Type > Structure > Edit… and change its material to Plastic with the width 5’ 7’’.

Now, let’s click tallCAT > Synchronize with EC3.

After the export finishes, click Open in EC3 in the result dialog.

The updated EC3 building project has the same ID and is accessible using the same URL.

Let’s compare the old and the updated EC3 building projects.

The old EC3 building project:

The updated EC3 building project:

Here are the results of updating the project which was changed both on EC3 and Revit sides:

  • The quantity of the Basic Roof: Insulation on Metal Deck - EPDM has increased considerably.

  • The GWP Realized value has increased too as the result of copy/pasting the existing roof in Revit.

  • Metal - Structural Deck retained the new EC3 name, the updated StructuralSteel category and the note. The quantity formula was also taken from the EC3 project and retained, regardless of the changes in the Revit project.

  • The Aluminium Sheet material and Panel Roof building element previously added on the EC3 were retained during the update.

  • The Vinyl material and Basic Roof: Generic - 18” element added in Revit were created on the EC3 during the update.

  • The rest of the materials which existed in the previous export were left as they are with their quantities, collections and units preserved.

We hope that this little example helped you to understand how the update feature currently works.

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