Export to JSON

After you logged in, you could export a project to a JSON file.

To do it, click the Export to JSON item in the tallyCAT drop-down menu.

You’ll see practically the same wizard as with the Manage Scope command.

After clicking the Save as button you’ll see the file selection dialog.

After choosing the save location and clicking Save, the export process will start.

The only difference is, this time the project won’t be sent to EC3. Instead, it will be saved to the selected file in JSON format.

You may cancel the process at any moment by either clicking the Cancel button or closing this window.

Once the export finishes, the Export Summary dialog will be shown.

You could view a more detailed CSV report by clicking the Open report as CSV button.

Clicking View the project JSON in the same window opens the resulting JSON in the default text editor.

This is precisely the same JSON that would’ve been uploaded to EC3 if you had chosen the Export to EC3 / Synchronize with EC3 command. It could be used to check if the raw data is correct.

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