Sign In

First, you’ll need to log in to your EC3 account. Either click the Sign in… button in the Tally Climate Action Tool (tallyCAT) ribbon, or go to EC3 Analysis > Sign in…

Please note that the plugin requires WebView 2 from Microsoft installed. If it’s not present on your PC, the following dialog will pop up.

Click Download & Install to automatically install missing components to your system. After the installation finishes, restart Revit.

If you already have WebView 2, the plugin will start the login process.

Starting from the Tally Climate Action Tool (tallyCAT) v0.10, the plugin uses the OAuth2 authentication. This means that the plugin will use your default system browser for performing the login and then store your login credentials between Revit sessions, so you’ll no longer need to sign in on every Revit start.

Upon clicking the Sign in button, the plugin will open your default system browser with the login form. Also, a progress dialog will be shown through the whole process of signing in, so you may cancel the login at any moment by either closing it or clicking the Cancel button.

You may either sign in by entering your login and password or use Google, Microsoft or LinkedIn login options.

After signing in through the form, you’ll need to give the Tally Climate Action Tool (tallyCAT) the required permissions by clicking the Allow button.

If everything went fine, the browser will display the following page and the progress dialog will close automatically.

Now, you can close the page in the browser and switch back to the Revit window where the EC3 ribbon should change.

  • You could click Export to EC3 to start the export process instantly with the default settings, or you could go to Manage Scope to configure what’s exported first.

  • If you exit Revit and start it again, you’ll remain signed in.

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