• Added the support for Linked Models. Now they're exported to EC3 and annotated together with the items of the main project. Also, the elements from Linked Models are fully supported by the tallyCAT Library: adding to library, saving to a file, the EC3 back-annotations, the assembly properties, scanning for updates, etc. In the case when a Revit project has linked documents, the corresponding column is shown in the Library Browser allowing to see which family type belongs to which document.

  • Export to EC3: now, upon the export two views are created instead of one:

    • Revit View - allows to refine material collections but doesn't allow to re-organize the view. This restriction was made to avoid tallyCAT synchronization problems.

    • Custom View - allows to refine material collections and re-organize the view in any way. This view is not directly used during the tallyCAT synchronization process, so the users could freely change it for their convenience.

  • tallyCAT Library: added the opportunity to connect external libraries.

  • tallyCAT Library: added the support for Assembly Properties.

  • tallyCAT Library: improved handling of the batch library operations. Now errors should not prevent the processing of other elements. Also, at the end of a group operation the report is shown to the user.

  • tallyCAT Library: important fixes and performance improvements. The plugin should no longer crash on the startup due to database connection issues.

  • Open in EC3: important fixes and performance improvements. No more login issues and blank window problems.

  • Numerous other fixes & improvements.

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