1. Moved the tallyCAT Library to a separate button in the ribbon.

  1. Add the new Scan for Updates functionality to the tallyCAT Library.

  • The Scan for Updates button allows to check if family types in the currently opened project have updated versions in the Library.

  • If this is the case, the Scan for Updates window will pop up allowing the user to choose which family types to update.

  • Clicking the Compare button will bring up the Compare Annotations screen where the user could see the difference between the EC3 annotations in selected project family type and the corresponding Library family type.

  • After selecting the family types to update and clicking the Update X Family Types button, the user will be prompted to confirm the operation.

  • Afte clicking Confirm, the selected project family types will be overwritten by the Library ones.

  1. Now tallyCAT uses formulas instead of explicit quantities both for multi-material Building Elements and their Materials. These formulas are also stored in the Library to be re-used in other projects. Mini-builder data persists through the Library as well.

  1. Added partial Generic Models support (no material detection for now).

  1. Fixed the incorrectly calculated Floor Area Above/Below grade.

  2. Added the correct handling of too long Revit element names.

  3. Moved the plugin documentation to GitBook.

  4. Various small tweaks in the installer.

  5. Lots of other bugfixes & improvements.

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