1. Added support for Revit 2024.

  2. The EC3 builder data is now saved to the library and automatically restored during the export of a new project having annotated elements.

  3. Whenever a builder dialog is opened, the corresponding elements are highlighted in the Revit view.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed Revit freezes after a large project export to EC3; made various performance improvements.

  2. Fixed the ‘Changes to groups are allowed only in group edit mode’ error which often happened during the export of large projects having groups.

  3. Better resolution of Library database conflicts.

  4. Added automatic exit from the Temporary Hide/Isolate mode during the export.

  5. During the sync, fixed restoring collections and builders for Revit elements which were hidden and then unhidden in the project.

  6. Numerous other fixes & improvements.

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