tallyCAT Library

The tallyCAT Library command allows access to a library of various Revit family types. These types could be annotated with the EC3 data allowing to maintain user-refined collections and EC3 builder data between different projects.

These EC3 back-annotations are automatically created during the Export and updated during each Synchronization for every exported family type. Basically, the back-annotations contain information about EC3 collections assigned to every exported Revit material, building elements created only on the EC3, builders, etc. This data is later used by tallyCAT to restore collection refinements and builders when Revit elements of the corresponding family types are exported from other projects or during the new export of the same project.

The Library Browser allows users to create new libraries, export both system and loadable family types to RFA and RVT files, put them to existing libraries and import family types from a library to another Revit project.

After clicking the corresponding item in the ribbon, the following window will appear.

The window has two tabs: Current Project and Library.

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